• October 2, 2022

Best mutual funds⚡

Let’s start with the basics

What is a mutual fund ?

Mutual fund is a type of investment product in which many funds of all types of investors are grouped into a single investment product, mutual funds are a very popular investment instrument that investors choose to be able to beat the market

Growth funds can be an interesting idea when investing as long as you are clear about your investment goals and a long period of time, growth funds do not pay dividends instead they focus a lot on long-term revaluation .

mutual fund profitability

Stock mutual funds have a high rate of return, as well as some form of high risk, this will depend solely on the fund.

One example is that equity index funds that only seek to track the performance of the S&P P500 are not that volatile, on the other hand high growth funds are very volatile. then a valid piece of advice is to choose the fund that best suits your investment psychology

passive management vs active management

When choosing a fund we have to ask ourselves what we want about passive or active investment, in funds an active investment implies that the managers have in mind the decision-making on the assets in order to be able to beat the market, Managers have to study many factors when investing, such as the fundamentals of the company, the macroeconomic sector, among others.

Passive funds that can also be called an index fund, their mission is to seek and replicate the behavior of a benchmark index, such as passive funds usually do not trade their assets with unless the behavior of the index that they want to imitate changes among others.

the most important

When buying mutual funds we have to take into account that they are already diversified, since mutual funds buy different types of companies, which is already a point in your favor, Another very important thing is to diversify your investment portfolio when buying one or more mutual funds, this will bring us security in the portfolio, hey but make sure not to over-diversify.

best mutual fonds

here are the best mutual funds according to their industry

small value = Delaware small cap growth A

Small Growth = Driehaus Small Cap Growth Fund

Small Blend = Fidelity Advisor® Series Small Cap Fund

Mind-cap Growth = BlackRock Mid-Cap Growth Equity Port

I hope the information will help you when choosing a mutual fund, you can read a lot of investment information that will serve you a lot on your way.

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