• July 5, 2022

Can you invest in real estate like stocks?

Of course, you can invest in real estate investment with shares, these stocks are called REITs and they are real estate trusts that are dedicated to the business of real estate or derivatives of real estate investment, there are many, almost the vast majority, are very profitable and operate in regions such as United States, Canada or the European Union.

Advantages of investing in a REIT: For many years, real estate investment has been an escape against the crises or black swans that have occurred throughout economic cycles, in addition to that real estate is a very safe type of investment that has hardly caused headaches It has its investors only for the simple fact that there are more and more people on earth, therefore more demand for the sector, it should also be noted that it has been a great tool against inflation as well as other assets such as gold etc.

invest in real estate

There are several things you should know when we invest in REITS, the most important thing is that with this investment you can have tangible assets indirectly, that is, buy some REIT shares, you can own assets such as buildings, malls, rental buildings and this has a very advantage large to the amount of being able to have a margin of safety when investing, in the hundreds of technology companies that go out to list each year the value assets are mostly intagible which to many investors scares a bit, but in real estate everything happens On the contrary, if you want to sleep peacefully, this type of investment is highly recommended.

Here is some advice when choosing the best REIT shares in which to divert, make sure you do not pay a very high P / E according to its comparables and also verify that the company is not cyclical, if it is cyclical, investigate what time of the cycle it is find the company, I know that all this sounds very complex if you are a new investor but in this blog I will upload a lot of content that will take you to the next level as an investor, visit me every week,