• July 5, 2022


Cryptocurrency are universal digital currencies that are very useful today such as buying and selling goods and in recent years they have served to develop various projects, the cryptocurrency system promises a decentralized financial system that is not dependent on financial entities such as banks. cryptocurrency work with a system called blockchain
you know the world of investing in cryptocurrency.

Are cryptocurrency a good investment? 💪🏼🔥

The system is simple, the more people buy the cryptocurrency that you have acquired, the more value it will obtain, you have to choose cryptocurrency with very solid and very large projects behind it, supporting it, since many cryptocurrency circulate and increase their value only by speculation, and this can be very dangerous for your investment, so it is very common for coins with an estimated value of zero to circulate. then when investing put your money in the main currencies and with good projects behind such as bitcoin or ethereum.

But it is highly recommended that 100% of your money is not invested in cryptocurrencies since these are a very new asset in the financial sector and it would be very risky to have a portfolio only of cryptocurrencies, so this should only represent a small part of your portfolio of investment.

Some of the big super investors tell the financial community to stay away from these types of assets, but other big investors have started investing in very popular cryptocurrencies. Buying cryptocurrency can be a fun way to try a new experimental investment.

how to invest in cryptocurrency without buying coins ? 💪🏼

If you want to buy cryptocurrency but do not want to do it in the common way that is to buy them in an exchange such as cook, you can also buy stocks of companies related to cryptocurrency and blockchain, this can be done in your broker account.

How to buy cryptocurrency? 🔥🔥🔥

You must have a virtual wallet to be able to put your coins, after that you must buy them in an exchange such as coinbase after that many of this charge a percentage of the purchase price. Also stockbrokers like Robinhood have allowed to buy cryptocurrency, there are also bitcoin falls throughout the country so there is no excuse to try this new investment method. Here are the most popular cryptocurrency that have had a great performance increase.

the important thing is to buy on a secure exchange, such as

  • coinbase
  • Binance
  • coinmama
  • geminis

here I leave you a link so you can learn more https://howtoinvestinstocks.net/investing-for-beginners/