• July 5, 2022

Your Investment Guide

This is the first part of the investment guide

This section will guide you in the world of investment, if you have come this far it is very likely that you want to start investing your savings on your own account and I will guide you through that exciting world of investment so let’s start

The first thing You should know when you start in the world of investment is to know yourself as a person and why I say this well, because there are different types of investment and the main way to be successful in this is to adapt our psychology to investment, not to reverse

I have time ?

If you want to start by doing your own analysis of investment in stocks, you will have to have basic knowledge of business valuation.This is achieved by studying and focusing on the subject, but this may take time, so make a little time in your day to dedicate to the investment is a very good option


The investment industry was conquered by investment professionals, people with great university degrees and access to privileged information, but this changed, thanks to the internet, this wonderful information tool, anyone can access the same information that a manager of a large fund accesses.

I mean it, you just have to know how to search and have a lot of focus of concentration this is as you already know very powerful, the information the world of investment represents a lot.

where to start?

Well, if you are going to choose a company to invest in and you want to analyze it, it is highly recommended that you start with large companies such as Facebook or Visa, and the first thing you should look at is how sales have evolved over time, that is, how they have Revenues have been growing, this will give us an indication if the company is of quality or not, but growth is only one of many steps to know if the company is of quality or not and how do we see that? a screener there are many and very different choose the one you like.