• July 5, 2022

The best Cryptocurrencies to Invest

To be able to invest in cryptocurrencies we have to use logic and common sense remember that investing is not the same as speculating, speculating is rather throwing a coin at random, but if you want to generate large returns in this new digital enocomic environment with cryptocurrencies you have What to learn has fun in them here you will find the following cryptocurrencies to invest now according to a study that we prepared


Many famous investors have proposed that Bitcoin is a helpful instrument in times of inflation since if the limit is 21 million bitcoins each time they appear more, the digital currency tends to have more value

There is no doubt that this digital currency has ended up changing the way of investing in this last decade and it will continue to do so since the world is changing faster and faster and the US dollar is losing more and more value, the world has to have a next currency support and if the dollar continues to decline it is very possible that Bitcoin will end up becoming the king


This digital currency has been the second most famous in the crypto environment, various projects and other types of digital currencies have been based on it this currency works with open code and is based on blockchain technology, therefore it is a de-centralized currency

It is important to emphasize that this currency is the second largest currency in the market after Bitcoin, eating approximately 21% of the cryptocurrency market, this currency allows smart contracts, it also allows to have tokenizations and create very complex applications, this currency has great projections in the future and projects to be completed .

Binance Coin

Binance Coin is binance’s largest crypto-asset exchange company, it is known for its fast transaction processing and low trading fees (0.1%), it has had a glow up of 1350% so far this year and has been expect a great growth from analysts by 2022