• July 5, 2022

Warren Buffett Became a millionaire 🔥

I am going to show you how Warren Buffett managed to become one of the best investors in the world and what skills have been used for this so that you can replicate it, I am also going to explain something very important for all this to happen. so your steps to become warren buffett begin

Stock Market

The Oracle of Omaha was born in 1930 in the United States, with a humble childhood, thanks to his father he managed to have a base of financial knowledge, he began at age 11 with his first investment, the small Warren buffet had ambition and little by little he developed more knowledge about investments and business, later in his adulthood he would meet the one who was his teacher Benjamin Graham this character would change his life forever, coming to work with him and doing very well in those years

Warren Buffett

Unfortunately in 1953 Graham closed his investment firm, meanwhile Warren Buffett with a spirit of adventure wanted to continue on his own and at age 26 he opened his investment company and after a while have a brutal success. applying value investing…. !! , Warren buffet did very well in those years, then he would buy a company called bershka hathaway that at first this investment was bad but then he had great success thanks to his ingenuity, he would establish a great friendship with the now partner of bershka hathaway charlie munger

“Charlie taught me that it is much better to buy a wonderful business at a fair price than it is to buy a fair business at a wonderful price.” warren buffett.

With this, Warren Buffett shows us that it is important not to close himself to new ideas in his career, he would be very successful with his mythical investments in Coca Cola and American Express, among others.⚡

His net worth is almost 104 million dollars, he is 95 years old at the moment and he is one of the best investors and the one who has earned the most money in investing in the world