• July 5, 2022

What is investing in stocks ? ✅


The quickest answer to that question is that investing in stocks is the art of making money by buying and selling assets, in this case stocks, The stocks are small pieces that represent the ownership of a company, the art of investing in shares is simple to buy the stocks and wait a while for the company to grow and perform much better and therefore the multiplier of the company grows, thus increasing its price in the stock market, when this happens your stocks tend to become more valuable and other people will be willing to pay more for these same shares and as I already told you, this is why your shares will increase in value and you will have to decide whether to take profit or continue with the stocks of the company


how can I be a good investor ?✅

This question is easy to answer, you will become a good investor depending on 2 factors, first, the amount of knowledge you have, that is, you will have to study, but do not worry, the investment world is not a world full of complex physics equations, but on the contrary it is a very simple world that stays in logic, then you will have to read a lot, watch a lot of videos on yotube and read blogs like this, by the way, let me tell you that we have many articles related to investment For beginners, let’s continue, the second factor to be a good investor is experience,

you must gain experience as soon as possible and this is only achieved by investing then hands to work, it does not matter if you make investment mistakes, the important thing is to realize and Get out of those mistakes ASAP.💥


Is investing in stocks safe? ✅

Yes, it is safe to invest in stocks with these following tips, 💥

1 Choose a good broker to be able to have your money, this broker has to be regulating by some government entity, there are many brokers in the market but you have to choose the one that has a very good reputation and is highly regulated by the United States or by the European Union. among other entities,

2 buy stocks with logic, avoid buying fashionable shares at all costs according to many studies that is a rookie mistake, you have to buy stocks according to the future and current returns that the company has, if the company is not yet generating returns It may be a bad decision to buy, be careful, on this website there is an investment guide for beginners that is very good since it is what renowned investments apply every day like Warren Buffett

Believe me when I tell you that the art of investment has given many results to many people in the world, it is a good business to make money but, since easy money does not exist, investing in stocks is about perseverance and determination, I know, that you can, if you are a beginner investor, start small until you have more experience, Since one of the virtues that great investors have is experience + love, investment + patience, which are key tools when starting to build a fortune of money over time.

keep reading the blog that I have a world of knowledge to teach you 👌